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Are you someone who wishes they could learn to play guitar? Well, Guitar Lessons Nashville can help! Your local Nashville guitar lessons are guaranteed to help you achieve your goals of learning how to play guitar. Not only will you learn guitar, but you will learn and master guitar. Call us today and sign up for your first lesson.

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Nashville, your one-stop for all of your guitar lesson needs. If you are an experienced musician or someone who has never held an instrument in their life we can help!

You may have some questions you need to answer right away. Questions like, how much are guitar lessons, are there even guitar lessons in Nashville TN, are there and guitar lessons near me, or any good guitar teachers near me? To answer all of those questions, yes!

We have gathered some of the best local guitar teachers in Nashville to bring you the highest quality and fun guitar lessons you can find. Your local Nashville guitar teacher is guaranteed to be not only knowledgeable but fun and relatable!

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About Us

About Guitar Lessons nashville

We have been serving the Nashville area for years helping countless students achieve their musical goals. What helps us stand out from the rest, are two basic ideas.

One, to have the most friendly and passionate guitar teacher available to assist you in the learning process. Our students recognize the passion for music our instructors demonstrate every lesson. We are confident that you will recognize it too!

This passion is absolutely contagious! When you see how much fun our instructors and other students have with their instruments, we are sure that the same energy will begin to build in you as well.

Second, we wanted to make sure our instructors were able to teach a wide variety of lessons. This would allow us to accommodate all the different guitar lessons needs any one student may have.

If you are an adult or a child we have lessons for you. If you are a beginner or more advanced we can certainly help you. Finally, whether you want to play acoustic, bass, or electric guitar we offer all of those lessons as well.

Why Choose Us?

Our company was founded on three simple virtues that we continue to deliver to this day. Each and every student that comes to us asking for help is guaranteed to get the same wonderful experience as the last.

These virtues are:

  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Responsibility

We promise as you learn your instrument to be patient and always be respectful of your learning needs and style. Not everyone learns the same way, and we understand that!

Some students may require help with certain techniques more than others. Some students may need help learning scales or other aspects of music theory. We want every student to learn all their material in the end and we are more than willing to be both patient and kind as you learn new skills.

Not only do we need our students to be responsible, but our instructors must demonstrate responsibility as well. Our instructors are required to be prepared for each and every lesson ready, to begin with, all materials and equipment prepared.

What To Expect?

When you show up for your very first lesson, we will spend the time getting to know more about our new student. This will be important if we are to find a guitar teacher within our facility that will best fit your needs.

We will ask questions about the music you like to listen to. What are some songs you dream about knowing how to play?

This will help us determine the initial genre of music we will lean towards when setting up your lesson plan. Do you need to know more about jazz scales, or strumming techniques for metal songs?

We will also ask about your musical background. Have you ever played guitar? If not, have you played any other instruments? This will help us so we are not teaching you things you already know.

Next, we will ask about your goals. Where do you see yourself in two years? Are you playing your own music at a bar by yourself? Or are you playing on a large stage in front of hundreds of people? Or perhaps you dream of playing for your children in the living room.

Finally, we will review our lesson plans and what material you can expect to learn in the future. We will give an overview of scales, music theory, and special techniques specific to your guitar.



beginner guitar lessons nashville

guitar lessons for Beginners

If you are someone who has never played guitar, or any instrument for that matter, our guitar lessons are still perfect for you! Don’t fret over your lack of experience that’s why we are here. We will build your confidence from the moment you step through the front doors of Guitar Lessons Nashville by reassurance and encouragement! We remember first learning our instrument for the first time too. Everyone has to start somewhere!

kids guitar lessons nashville

Guitar Lessons for Kids

Our guitar lessons for kids are a fun and wonderful way to introduce the joy of music into your child's life. Not only do our instructors make the material relatable to a child’s mind, but they make it fun to learn. Your child is sure to anticipate the coming week’s lesson and look forward to learning!

kids guitar lessons nashville

Guitar Lessons for Adults

Our guitar lessons for adults begin in the teenage years and go up in age from there. If you are an adult who has never played guitar, or who has had some experience over the years, then look no further! Our guitar lessons are perfect for you.

nashville bass guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

Our bass guitar lessons are so much fun if you are a person who loves the rhythm of the song. Our lessons will teach you rhythm, picking techniques, slap bass, and so much more! Come join us as we learn about this wonderful and fun instrument!

nashville electric guitar lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

Our electric guitar lessons cover all the necessary topics to learn and master the electric guitar. You will learn the basics such as strumming, chords, and what key you are playing in. Then we will teach you advanced techniques such as solos, sweeps, and pinch harmonics. You will be playing your favorite songs in no time!

nashville acoustic guitar lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

If there is one guitar we understand and love in Nashville it’s the acoustic guitar! Our acoustic guitar lessons will teach you basics such as how to play guitar chords. Then introduce you to more advanced techniques such as fingerpicking.

nashville classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

Now classical guitar may sound complex and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Our classical guitar lessons prepare you for all you need to learn with chords, fingerpicking, and playing multiple notes within a chord at one time. If you are looking to impress your friends with a guitar then our lessons are the way to go!

Service Area

About Nashville

Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee and home to many legendary music attractions. Attractions like the Grand Ole Opry House, and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Nashville’s population is 673,167. The current unemployment rate is below the national average at only 3.2%. The sales tax rate however is much higher than the national average at 9.3%

Surrounding cities include:

  • Antioch
  • Brentwood
  • Hermitage
  • Madison
  • Old Hickory
  • Joelton
  • Whites Creek
  • Pegram
  • And so many surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to learn to play guitar?

This is a hard question to answer because there are so many variables. First, it depends on the student and how quickly they catch on to new material. Second, your practice time at home will help you to make huge improvements much more quickly than a student who practices once a week outside of their lessons. Our belief at Guitar Lessons Nashville is, you never completely learn and master the guitar. There is always something new to learn. Perhaps a new technique or a song that you can learn to master.

What kind of pick should I buy?

This is a personal preference depending on the player and what kind of music you play. There will be songs you learn that do not need a pick at all. Guitar picks come in various sizes and gauges. Our recommendation would be to go to your local music shop and purchase several different kinds of picks and play with them all. Discover for yourself which picks are the most comfortable and practical.

What are guitar tabs?

Guitar tabs are a kind of sheet music specific to guitar. It is very easy to learn how to read! You look at the numbers on the lines. Each line represents a different string. Each number represents the fret you play on that string at that time.

Do I really need private lessons? Why can’t I just learn to play from videos?

Videos and books are fabulous tools to learn to play guitar. However, none of them can replace the insight and direction that a teacher with years of experience can give you. So while you can watch the same video over and over, this does not necessarily mean you found correct information or a teaching method that fits your learning style. So yes, we recommend the lessons.

Customer Testimonials


I started lessons before with an instructor and they ruined the fun of learning! But when I came to Guitar Lessons Nashville they quickly showed me how much of a difference an instructor can make! We have fun and he is always so encouraging and makes me so excited to come back to learn more. You guys are the best in all of Nashville!

Bobby T


I had been wanting to learn to play guitar since I was a kid. It was only a couple of years ago that I bought a guitar and started my lessons. I hate that I didn’t start sooner! My guitar teacher makes it so much fun to learn. I even impress myself at times with what I am able to play. Thank you guys for all you do!

Adam T.


I signed my son up for guitar lessons a few years ago so he could begin a constructive hobby. I was surprised by how quickly he picked it up and how much fun he has! When he plays for me I am always amazed at the technique he has and how easy he makes it look. So wonderful for a young child to be playing music the way he does. I love seeing him so happy when he plays!

Natalie K.


If you have been dreaming of playing the guitar your whole life, don’t delay your dreams any longer! You too can learn how to play the guitar by signing up for our lessons today!

When you sign up for your first lesson with Guitar Lessons Nashville, you have already taken the first step in achieving whatever goal you wish. You have put yourself on the path to success and our instructors are guaranteed to make it happen.

We put so much faith in our instructors and we know you will too when you begin your lessons. You will quickly find their passion for music contagious and be just as excited to learn and play your guitar as they are.

So don’t wait, give us a call or stop by our facility today. Our instructors and standing by ready to help answer questions you may have or sign you up for your first lesson.

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